There are some basic steps:

  1. collect samples
  2. dry your samples
  3. mount your samples on stubs with double sided glue stickers
  4. sputter coat your specimen with gold (the most commonly used)
  5. mount your specimen
  6. start SEM!

The following are some quick videos we took while we were trained on SEM. Perhaps, you might find it useful to view them, so you can grasp a quick understanding of the procedures. Just click on the underlined titles… it should bring you to the video pages…

On loading stubs into the sputter coating machine

On why we use gold for our specimens

On sputter coating

On turning off the sputter coating machine

On turning on the microscope and computer....

On loading the stubs into the microscope….

On loading the stubs into the microscope part 2

On working with the microscope